NewJeans’ ‘Super Shy’: A Fresh and Fun Twist on the Shy Girl Theme in K-pop


NewJeans is a new girl group from ADOR Entertainment that debuted in 2023 with their first single ‘New Jeans’. They recently dropped their second single ‘Super Shy’, which is a catchy and upbeat song about being a shy girl in love. However, unlike many other K-pop songs that deal with the same theme, ‘Super Shy’ does not portray shyness as a weakness or a flaw, but rather as a charming and relatable trait that can be overcome with confidence and courage.


In this blog post, we’ll explore how NewJeans’ ‘Super Shy’ is a refreshing take on the shy girl trope in K-pop, and how it showcases the group’s personality and style. We’ll also share some of the lyrics, production, and visual details of the song and the music video.

How ‘Super Shy’ subverts the typical clichés of being a shy girl in love

The song starts with the chorus, where the members sing “I’m super shy, super shy / But wait a minute while I / Make you mine, make you mine”. This immediately sets the tone of the song as playful and assertive, rather than timid and passive. The members are not afraid to admit their shyness, but they also do not let it stop them from pursuing their crushes. They are determined to make them theirs, even if it takes some time and effort.

The verses of the song further illustrate the contrast between the members’ shyness and their boldness. In the first verse, they sing “And I wanna go out with you / Where you wanna go? (Huh?) / Find a lil spot / Just sit and talk / Looking pretty / Follow me”. Here, they take the initiative to ask their crushes out and suggest a date plan. They also show their confidence in their appearance and their charm. In the second verse, they sing “나 원래 말도 잘하고 그런데 왜 이런지 / I don’t like that / Something odd about you / Yeah you’re special and you know it / You’re the top babe”. Here, they acknowledge that they are usually good at talking, but they become nervous around their crushes. They also compliment them and express their admiration. They do not act insecure or jealous, but rather appreciate their uniqueness and attractiveness.

The refrain of the song adds another layer of complexity to the shy girl trope. The members sing “You don’t even know my name / Do ya? / You don’t even know my name / Do ya-a?”. This implies that their crushes are either oblivious or indifferent to their feelings, which adds a sense of frustration and challenge to the situation. However, instead of giving up or feeling sorry for themselves, the members use this as a motivation to make themselves known and noticed. They do not let their shyness prevent them from expressing their true feelings.

How ‘Super Shy’ showcases NewJeans’ personality and style

The music video of ‘Super Shy’ also supports the refreshing take on the shy girl trope in K-pop. The video is full of bright colors, cute outfits, and quirky props that create a fun and cheerful atmosphere. They also interact with each other in a friendly and supportive way, showing their strong bond and teamwork. The video does not depict any scenes of rejection or sadness, but rather focuses on the positive and hopeful aspects of being a shy girl in love.

Frankie Scoca, Erika de Casier, and Kristine Bogan produced the song. They are known for their work in R&B, pop, and indie genres. This song features different vocal styles and harmonies from the members, as well as catchy hooks and melodies. The song is a perfect example of NewJeans’ musical versatility and talent.

Minji (leader), Hanni (main vocalist), Danielle (main rapper), Haerin (lead vocalist), and Hyein (maknae) make up NewJeans. Their diverse backgrounds, skills, and personalities set them apart from other girl groups. They made their debut in 2023 with ‘New Jeans’, a hip-hop inspired song about self-love and confidence. Since then, they have attracted fans with their catchy songs, stunning visuals, and charismatic performances.


Instead of portraying shyness as a weakness or a flaw, NewJeans’ ‘Super Shy’ gives a refreshing take on the shy girl trope in K-pop by showing it as a charming and relatable trait that can be overcome with confidence and courage. The song and the music video demonstrate how shy girls in love can be playful, assertive, and determined, instead of passive, insecure, or dependent. NewJeans shows that being super shy can also mean being super awesome.

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