Disclosure Announce New Album Out This Week

Disclosure Announce New Album Out This Week

Disclosure, the electronic duo of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, have surprised their fans with the announcement of a new album coming out this week. The album, titled Alchemy, will be released on Friday, July 14, independently via their own AWAL imprint, Apollo Records.

Disclosure Announce New Album Out This Week

What to Expect from Alchemy

Alchemy is the fourth studio album from Disclosure, following their 2020 release Energy. However, unlike their previous albums, which featured guest vocals from artists like Sam Smith, Lorde, Khalid and more, Alchemy has no features and no samples. It is entirely produced by the Lawrence brothers themselves.

According to a press statement, Alchemy is a celebration of Disclosure’s creative freedom and independence. “We’re no longer signed to a major record label. We’re not going to tour this record. We can do whatever we like and be super creative,” Guy Lawrence said.

The album also marks a departure from Disclosure’s signature house sound, as they explore other genres like jungle and trance. “This record is a span of what we can do,” Howard Lawrence said. “We wanted to show people that we’re not just house music producers.”

Alchemy is also more personal and emotional than Disclosure’s previous albums, as it reflects their experiences of love, loss and growth in the past year. “All our other albums were written in third person,” Guy Lawrence said. “Before now, very few of our songs were about things that happened to us and our lives.”

The album’s title, Alchemy, refers to the idea of transforming pain into beauty. “There was this combination of deep heartbreak and sadness, but also deep admiration and appreciation,” Howard Lawrence said. “Let’s turn this horrible feeling into something beautiful.”

Alchemy Tracklist

The album consists of 11 tracks, which are:

  • Looking for Love
  • Simply Won’t Do
  • Higher Than Ever Before
  • A Little Bit
  • Go the Distance
  • Someday…
  • We Were in Love
  • Sun Showers
  • Purify
  • Brown Eyes
  • Talk on the Phone

How to Listen to Alchemy

Alchemy will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday, July 14. You can also pre-order the album on Disclosure’s official website, where you can also find their merchandise and tour dates.

If you are a fan of Disclosure or electronic music in general, you don’t want to miss this album. Alchemy is a testament to Disclosure’s versatility, creativity and passion as artists. It is also a rare opportunity to hear them express themselves without any filters or constraints.

So mark your calendars and get ready for Alchemy, the new album from Disclosure out this week.

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