Adele Forgets the Lyrics to ‘I Drink Wine’ While Performing in Las Vegas and Exclaims, ‘Bloody Hell!’

Adele Forgets the Lyrics to I Drink Wine

During one of Adele recent Weekends with Adele residency events at The Colosseum in Las Vegas, she forgot the words to “I Drink Wine” off her 30th studio album and went to the audience for assistance.

Adele Forgets the Lyrics to I Drink Wine

After mumbling through a line of the song, according to a fan-shot video shared online, Adele stopped singing and said, “I forgot the f—ing lyrics. Bloody hell!”

“Fifty dollars that cost me last night,” the 35-year-old musician added, laughing, before turning to a fan in the front row. “Remind me of that lyric.”

Adele remarked, “Alright, let’s reset and start that one again, shall we?” after the fan finished the phrase. She playfully gave the audience member $50 for finishing the line and then proceeded to continue the song — but ran into a technological problem.

Next, she began to improvise and think of a joke to tell the crowd to kill time. “What’s a joke I’ve got? No, that one’s a bit s—. No, I can’t tell that one. That’s too filthy,” said Adele, who was met with fans wanting to hear the dirty joke. “No, I can’t. I think I’ve told it before, and I think I got it in trouble.”

She feigned to introduce herself to the crowd as though the concert was just beginning while the production staff was ready to continue the song. Laughter flooded the room, and she performed “I Drink Wine” just as intended, complete with lyrics.

How Adele deals with Spanx-induced sweat

Adele confessed to fans at another of her Las Vegas gigs over the weekend that she had been prescribed jock itch cream after sweating “a lot” onstage in her Spanx.

“I sweat a lot, and it doesn’t go anywhere, so I’m basically sitting in my own sweat,” she explained in a video published on social media.

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