Set Sail on the COPENHELL Metal Cruise 2024

COPENHELL Metal Cruise 2024 Poster

Calling all metalheads! Prepare for a voyage unlike any other – the COPENHELL Metal Cruise 2024 is setting sail this October, promising a weekend of head-banging bliss on the high seas.

Three Days of Metal Mayhem

From October 25th to 27th, the COPENHELL Metal Cruise transforms the DFDS ferry into a floating metal haven. Departing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the ship will journey to Oslo, Norway, and back, all while serving up a relentless onslaught of heavy music and good times.

Bands Announced: Metal Giants and Rising Stars

While the full lineup is yet to be revealed, the first wave of bands is enough to get any metal fan’s pulse racing. Gloryhammer, the symphonic power metal heroes, are ready to unleash their epic brand of fantasy-fueled anthems. Danish death metallers BAEST will bring the mosh pit to life with their brutal energy. Doom metal titans Pallbearer promise a crushing soundscape, while Danish metallers Mercenary will deliver a potent dose of melodic aggression.

More Than Just Music: A Metal Experience

The COPENHELL Metal Cruise isn’t just about the music (though let’s face it, the music is pretty darn awesome). Expect delicious food, entertaining activities, and that undeniable COPENHELL atmosphere – a perfect blend of camaraderie and headbanging madness.

Booking Your Spot on the Metal Ship

Ready to embark on this epic metal adventure? Tickets for the COPENHELL Metal Cruise are available on the DFDS website. With various packages to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your budget and metal needs.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unique metal experience. The COPENHELL Metal Cruise 2024 promises an unforgettable weekend of heavy music, good times, and the chance to bond with fellow metalheads. So, fire up your air guitar, pack your mosh pit essentials, and get ready to set sail on a voyage of pure metal mayhem!

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