Lisa Goes Solo: A Fiery Review of “Rockstar”

Lisa Goes Solo A Fiery Review of Rockstar

Lisa, the powerhouse rapper and dancer from BLACKPINK, has finally unleashed her much-anticipated solo debut, “Rockstar.” Released under her new label LLOUD, the song marks a bold new direction for the K-Pop idol, and it’s safe to say she absolutely crushes it.

A Genre-Bending Anthem

“Rockstar” isn’t your typical K-Pop song. It blends elements of hyperpop with a cyberpunk edge, resulting in a frenetic and infectious soundscape. The driving bass and pulsating synths create a club-ready atmosphere, while subtle nods to genres like psychedelic rock add a layer of intrigue. There’s even a surprising sample of Tame Impala’s “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” thrown in for good measure, showcasing Lisa’s desire to experiment.

Lisa: Triple Threat on Fire

Throughout the track, Lisa showcases her undeniable talent as a triple threat. Her rapping is sharp and confident, spitting fire with killer flow. When she switches to vocals, her delivery is smooth and captivating, proving she can hold her own as a singer as well. And let’s not forget the dancing! The music video for “Rockstar” is a visual feast, featuring Lisa executing intricate choreography with undeniable charisma.

A Statement of Independence

“Rockstar” feels like more than just a song; it’s a statement. With her solo debut, Lisa steps out of the shadow of BLACKPINK and establishes herself as a powerhouse artist in her own right. The song exudes confidence and self-assuredness, perfectly capturing the spirit of a rockstar in the making.

Final Verdict

Lisa’s “Rockstar” is a triumph. It’s a genre-bending banger that showcases her undeniable talent as a rapper, singer, and dancer. The song is catchy, confident, and visually stunning, making it a must-listen for any K-Pop fan (or music lover in general). We can’t wait to see what Lisa does next under her new label!

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