Lady Gaga Reveals Plans for a ‘Chromatica Ball’ Concert Film

Lady Gaga

Fans who missed Lady Gaga most recent headline tour, The Chromatica Ball, will soon be able to see it on the big screen.

Lady Gaga

On Friday, the Oscar winner disclosed on Instagram that she has been working on numerous projects, including the edit for the concert film.

“I prepared for months developing my character for Joker, and I filmed [Joker: Folie à Deux] for many months (at a very introspective time),” she explained in the description of the photo. “I’ve been running my start-up Haus Labs, doing philanthropic work, and working on the film edit for The Chromatica Ball.”

“I can say for the first time in many years that my love of making art, music, fashion, and supporting community has never been more fulfilling,” Gaga concluded.

The singer also uploaded a selfie of herself editing The Chromatica Ball with a still frame from the film in the background, saying, “I can’t WAIT for you to experience it.”

Lady Gaga’s fans had to wait for two years to see her live. The Chromatica Ball tour was supposed to start in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic stopped it. The tour is based on her sixth album, Chromatica. It has 20 shows around the world. In 2022, Gaga finally came back to the stage. She gave her first live shows since the Joanne World Tour in 2017.

The “Million Reasons” singer also said on Instagram that she created and produced songs for a “special project,” adding, “I’ve been experiencing my creativity in a really special and private way since last summer.”


“Thank you for being willing to grow with me so that I can change and transform with the community I love so much,” Lady Gaga said in the post’s conclusion. “I hope you enjoy everything I’ve made for you, and I hope this serves as a small reminder of my deep passion and commitment to art.”

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