How Ed Sheeran Surprised His Fans by Serving Them Philly Cheesesteaks at Philip’s Steaks

What would you do if you saw Ed Sheeran behind the counter of a cheesesteak shop, handing out free sandwiches to his fans? That’s exactly what happened on a rainy Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia, where the British singer-songwriter decided to show some love to his loyal followers.

Ed Sheeran Surprised His Fans by Serving Them Philly Cheesesteaks
Ed Sheeran Surprised His Fans by Serving Them Philly Cheesesteaks at Philip’s Steaks

Ed Sheeran was in town for his “Mathematics Tour”, which pairs his massive stadium shows with intimate theatre performances in select cities. He had already wowed a packed house at the Met Philly on Friday night, and was gearing up for another sold-out concert at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday evening.

But before hitting the stage, he had a surprise in store for his fans: he wanted to treat them to some authentic Philly cheesesteaks. And he didn’t go to the usual suspects like Geno’s or Pat’s. He chose a third option: Philip’s Steaks, a family-owned business in South Philadelphia.

How Ed Sheeran Announced His Cheesesteak Surprise

Ed Sheeran took to Instagram to announce his cheesesteak surprise. He posted a questionnaire on his story, asking his followers for the “Best” cheesesteak in the city. Then revealed that he was headed to Philip’s Steaks, and that “cheesesteaks are on me today”. Ed Sheeran also shared the address of the shop and encouraged his fans to join him there.

He later posted a video of him arriving at Philip’s Steaks, where he was greeted by a crowd of excited fans. He declared, “Philly, obviously it’s cheesesteak time.”

How Ed Sheeran Learned to Make a Philly Cheesesteak

Ed Sheeran didn’t just hand out cheesesteaks. He also learned how to make them from the owners of Philip’s Steaks, brothers Joseph and Philip Baldino. They taught him the basics of making a Philly cheesesteak, such as:

  • Using “slabs” of ribeye steak, thinly sliced and cooked on a griddle.
  • Applying “Whiz” cheese, a melted cheese sauce that is a staple of Philly cheesesteaks.
  • Asking customers if they want their sandwich “wit” or “witout” onions, which are also cooked on the griddle.
  • Opening a soft hoagie roll, spreading Whiz cheese on it, topping it with steak and onions, and wrapping it in paper.

Ed Sheeran followed their instructions and made his first cheesesteak with ease. He even used the local lingo to communicate with customers, asking them if they wanted their sandwich “wit” or “witout”.

How Fans Reacted to Ed Sheeran’s Cheesesteak Stunt

Fans who received a cheesesteak from Ed Sheeran were thrilled and grateful. They praised his sandwich-making skills and thanked him for his generosity. Some even took selfies with him and posted them on social media.

One fan said that Ed Sheeran’s cheesesteak was “perfect”, while another said that it was “the best thing ever”. Another fan said that Ed Sheeran was “the coolest guy ever” and that he made her day.

Ed Sheeran also enjoyed himself during his cheesesteak stunt. He said that it was “really fun” and that he liked meeting his fans. He also joked that he was only doing half the job because he didn’t have to worry about collecting money from customers.

How Ed Sheeran Showed His Love for Philadelphia

Ed Sheeran’s cheesesteak stunt was not the only way he showed his love for Philadelphia. He also wore an Eagles jersey during his concert at Lincoln Financial Field, showing his support for the local NFL team. The crowd cheered when they saw him sporting the green and white jersey of Donovan McNabb, a former Eagles quarterback.

Ed Sheeran also sang some songs that had a connection to Philadelphia, such as “Philadelphia Freedom” by Elton John and “Motownphilly” by Boyz II Men. He also performed some of his own hits, such as “Shape of You”, “Perfect”, and “Thinking Out Loud”.

Ed Sheeran’s concert was a huge success, with fans raving about his performance and energy. He thanked them for their support and said that he loved Philadelphia.


Ed Sheeran surprised his fans by serving them Philly cheesesteaks at Philip’s Steaks, and showed off his newly learned sandwich-making skills. He also showed his love for Philadelphia by wearing an Eagles jersey during his concert, and singing some local songs. He delighted his fans with his generosity, humor, and talent.

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