How a Swiftie Made a Fortune from Taylor Swift at Rainy Night

Taylor Swift in the rain

Although the “Eras Tour” tickets for Taylor Swift weren’t exactly cheap, one Massachusetts fan had a plan to get part of their money back. Small containers filled with the rainwater that pelted Taylor Swift’s concert at Gillette Stadium last Saturday appear to have been up for sale on Facebook Marketplace for the low-low price of $250 each.

Swiftie Made a Fortune from Taylor Swift’s Rainy Night
Swiftie Made a Fortune from Taylor Swift’s Rainy Night

Although it’s unknown how many batches this enterprising Swiftie was selling, the Facebook Marketplace listing appears to have been removed, and as Page Six notes, the jars that contained the holy water were purchased from a nearby marijuana dispensary called Happy Valley. Therefore, it appears that there is some overlap between Swift and stoner culture that Swift’s staff will need to consider when marketing upcoming products.

While some were quick to criticize the ploy, others found it hilarious. For example, one Instagram user joked, “Parking lot or stadium rain?” likely alluding to the mass of folks outside her event in Philadelphia earlier this month. An another commenter asked, “Floor seats rain or balcony rain?”

Saturday wasn’t the first event on Taylor Swift – “Eras Tour” that had supporters waiting outdoors in the rain until she came out; her third and final Nashville gig had a four-hour delay due to rain, which didn’t stop the whole 45-song set. In more recent Swiftie shenanigans, one fan successfully applied to be a stadium security officer in order to attend one of her concerts. 

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