Doja Cat releases a spooky new video for her new track ‘Attention.’

Doja Cat Attention

‘Attention’ is her first solo album since the release of ‘Planet Her‘ in 2021. Doja Cat has released a new rap tune called ‘Attention,’ coupled with a disturbing music video.

attention new song video doja cat

‘Attention’ is the Grammy Award winner’s first solo release since her chart-topping third studio album, ‘Planet Her’ in 2021. She has now released the Top 10 Billboard tune ‘Vegas’ from the Elvis soundtrack and performed on the remix for SZA’s Number One single, ‘Kill Bill.

Doja Cat released ‘Attention’ today (June 16), a haunting single in which she addresses her departure from The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ stadium tour, rapping: “My taste good, but I just had to redirect my cookin’ / I could’ve been an opener, I redirect the bookin’.”

In May last year, Doja Cat had to cancel the tour due to tonsil surgery.

She also commented on rap heavyweights who “fall in the beef” with artistss who looked up to them: “I’m sorry, but we all find it really entertainin’ / ’Cause we don’t wanna see them steppin’ forward on their faces / And we all wanna be the one that see the devastation / Nothin’ in it, but ain’t the bad press good?”

Doja’s usage of the drop of blood emoji in the announcement might hint to certain musical details hidden in some of her other recent tweets. She tweeted on May 24 that “Scarlet was here.” She mentioned the persona again last Friday (June 9), writing “Scarlet’s watching,” and then again this Monday (June 11), writing “Let myself heal, Scar finally sealed.”

Doja Cat has erased all of her tweets since June 16, with the exception of one, which said, “Scarlet is here.”

How Doja Cat Keeps Her Fans Guessing About Her Upcoming Project

Doja Cat stated last month that she has altered the title of her upcoming fourth album from “Hellmouth” to “First Of All.” In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the chart-topping multi-hyphenate revoked the name while discussing her next album, ‘Attention,’ the first single from which ‘Attention’ is the lead single. “It’s no longer called ‘First and Foremost.'” “I’ve been playing around with album names and have about eight of them that I’m deciding between,” she explained.

She also referred to her previous two studio albums as “cash-grabs” and “mediocre pop.”

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